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If you found illegal drugs in your child's room, would you be able to recognize them?
Would you know the difference between harmless allergy medication and dangerous
stimulants or sedatives?

Marijuana appears differently depending on its stage of development,
ranging from the growing plant to the rolled-up joint.

Indoor Marijuana Plants
Indoor Marijuana Plants
Marijuana plants
Indoor Marijuana Plants
Marijuana growing indoors
Marijuana Growing Indoors
Marijuana Ready for Sale
Marijuana bud
Marijuana Bud
Marijuana Closeup
Marijuana buds
Marijuana Joints
Marijuana Seeds and Joints
Marijuana Cigarettes
Marijuana Cigarettes
Bag of marijuana
Bag of Marijuana
Marijuana leaves
Marijuana Leaves

What Happens If You Smoke Marijuana?

Some people feel nothing at all when they smoke marijuana. Others may feel relaxed or high.
Sometimes marijuana makes users feel thirsty and very hungry - an effect called "the munchies."

Some users can get bad effects from marijuana.
They may suffer sudden feelings of anxiety and have paranoid thoughts.
This is more likely to happen when a more potent variety of marijuana is used.

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