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Al Ameen Islamic Library is an independent NPO, Non-Profit Organization. We complete all of our translations and other works independently without co-operation with other translating groups (unless specifically stated in a lecture) and Allah knows best.  Please note that the contents of this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of AL AMEEN'S and operators of this web site. Only the original lecturers are responsible for what is mentioned in their speeches.

All contents are provided on this web site for informational purposes only. 
Material by Al Ameen   may be published and duplicated freely. This is on the condition that no contents of any audio is edited or altered in anyway whatsoever and that our material is not sold and  the original source, AL AMEEN is mentioned.

We are Muslims that follow the Qur'an and Sunnah just as the Companions and Taba'een. We are not part of any sect or organization, political or otherwise. We are an independent non-profit organization wishing to spread Islam peacefully online.

We are not responsible for the comments made by the speakers in their lectures , nor do we claim to agree or disagree with them; we are simply messengers attempting to spread Islam.

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